WIHA 44318 SpeedE 2.0 VDE Screwdriver 7 Pcs Set

Model: 44318

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Fast has never been so unique

Several fastenings per day, hundreds of fastenings per week. Professional craftspeople invest a great amount of time and energy in recurring fastening tasks. The resulting pain in wrists is the body’s natural reaction. Thanks to the electric drive of the e-screwdriver speedE® II, joints and tendons are protected, especially during continuous use. In addition, the required time is reduced to one-third. An extra highlight of the speedE® II is the integrated material function. Sensitive fastenings, for example, plastic socket covers, must not be tightened too hard or the material will be damaged. In such cases, the speedE II automatically switches off at 0.4 Nm and gives the user full control to carefully carry out the final fastening by hand. If there are fastening tasks that require more force, the second generation speedE® offers the option of increasing the electric force to 1.0 Nm via a sliding switch. The colour of the slimBits serves as an aid for adjusting the correct force level to the respective application. The red slimBits with the smaller profiles are used in the red slide position, while the yellow Power SlimBits with the larger profiles indicate that in this case, the more powerful yellow slide position can be used. However, if more force is required, the speedE® can be manually used up to 12 Nm without incurring any damage. During the fastening, the integrated LED light provides permanent illumination for an optimal view of the screw. This way, in poorly lit work environments the powerful LED can be used as a flashlight by tapping on the ring switch. The enlarged ring switch and smooth rotation ensure even easier handling. Thanks to the combination of facilitated handling and the ergonomic SoftFinish® handle design, the e-screwdriver speedE® II is recommended by doctors and therapists from the German Campaign for Healthier Backs. The set contains both a red and yellow slimBit, a USB battery charger, as well as two standard 18500 batteries, which ensures continuous working.


Ideal tool for all screw-fastening tasks, such as: power socket installation, work in switch cabinets, industrial maintenance and installation, motorized equipment maintenance and repair, household appliances and white goods, window and door installation, heating, air conditioning and plumbing installation, and bicycle, motorcycle and lawnmower repairs. It is also perfectly suited for furniture assembly, repairs and other fastening tasks related to hobbies in the home.

Meets your requirements

Quality and robustness made in Germany.

Simplifies your work

Maximum illumination of the working area thanks to the LED ring light.

Makes handling easier

Unique ring switch allows operation in all working positions.

Protect your health

Gentle on hands and muscles. Recommended by doctors and therapists at the German Campaign for Healthier Backs!

Increases your efficiency

100% compatible with the Wiha Electric Vario family.

Offers you full protection

slimBits tested at 10,000 V AC and approved for 1,000 V AC.

Increases your speed

Work completed 3 times as fast thanks to the electric drive.

Protects your material

Electric screw fastening with protective function to prevent damage to materials.

Set Includes:

1x E-screwdriver handle speedE®

1x Battery set, 18500 Li-ion (41914)

1x Charger for 18500 Li-ion batteries (41915)

1x Slotted 3.5 mm slimBit

1x SL/PZ2 PowerBit

1x L-BOXX Mini for speedE®

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