Model: PSB316-D

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Wylex NH Miniature Circuit Breaker is the thermal-magnetic current limiting type, having a compact construction which has been achieved by not only minimising the number of parts but also the number of welded joints and connections. Critical material selection ensures reliability and durability. Typical of this is the choice of silver graphite for the fixed contact. It has an easy to operate handle with a trip-free toggle mechanism - so even when the handle is held in the 'on' position the MCB is free to trip. The back-up protection is required only if the prospective short circuit current at the point of installation exceeds the breaking capacity of the MCB. When providing back-up protection consideration must be given to discrimination between the MCB and fuse.

Key Features 

  • · Suitable for NH distribution boards
  • · Designed and manufactured in the UK, in accordance with BS EN 61439-3
  • · Ambient temperature considerations
  • · Has box terminal, busbar aperture and DIN clip
  • · Back-up protection

Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)
Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)
FeatureFeature details
Voltage typeAC
Release characteristicD
Rated voltage400 V
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icn EN 60898 at 400 V10 kA
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icn EN 60898 at 230 V10 kA
Number of poles (total)3
Rated current16 A
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